Business management consulting

  • assistance in the rationalisation of internal (and cross-border) administrative structures

  • assistance in the founding of subsidiaries within the EU, in particular by orientation of the administration to cater to location-specific conditions
  • support during the acquisition of companies and processes of reorganisation with the emphasis on adapting administrative structures
  • drawing up of schedules covering several years
  • corporate assessment in Germany and France in accordance with IDW S1
  • performance consulting – optimisation of business processes in the retail business (product, marketing, personnel management)

International tax advice

for businesses

  • alignment of taxes on earnings and turnover tax to suit your business
  • optimisation of existing international corporate structures
  • assistance in drawing up transfer pricing documentation
  • drawing up of German and French tax returns
  • preparation for digital audit in Germany or France
  • fiscal supervision for e-commerce

for the cross-border deployment of employees

  • assessment in terms of industrial relations law and tax law (in cooperation with German and French lawyers), in particular with regard to social security, health insurance and pension scheme

for private individuals

  • fiscal supervision for individuals moving into or away from an area
  • tax advice in respect of income tax, gift tax and inheritance tax


For the Franco-German language area, we have staff with the appropriate language skills who can give you expert advice and assistance.

Financial statements


Business management advice

Founding advice

Cross-border training courses

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