We supervise your expansion in the EU from the very beginning
If you want to expand with your company, we’ll be glad to advise you right from the outset. Whether you’re founding a subsidiary or need support on company acquisitions: we’ll help you to find the right location and the most suitable legal structure for your company from the point of view of tax law. If required, we’ll reveal possibilities for funding and financing and draw up an appropriate business plan. We’ll assist you in the founding of the company, take care of formalities and help you when it comes to cross-border post-merger integration. Our strength consists in looking in at cross-border company structures from the outside and showing you ways of optimising the process if necessary.

Financial statements


Business management advice

Founding advice

Cross-border training courses

We accompany you in your everyday affairs …

… and draw up your annual statements of account in accordance with French or German law. We’ll be glad to take care of your consolidated financial statements, also in accordance with international accounting regulations. We carry out audits using digital methods. It goes without saying that you can also engage us to carry out special audits, for example in connection with acquisitions or in the reorganisation of your corporate structure as part of your business succession.

Take advantage of our experience and professionalism

If you wish, we’ll take care of your financial accounting with German or French software. We can also make bookings directly on your internal company software via VPN access. We offer you periodic reports, which we can draw up for you in German or French and, of course, also in accordance with your own special requirements.

National and international

For your national or international activities, we’re always on the lookout for the best orientation in terms of income tax and turnover tax. We’ll also be glad to deal with your German and French tax queries and help you to document your transfer prices.

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