Our guiding principles

"At home in the world"

If you are active with your business in the EU, you can rely in the Franco-German language area on direct support from our competent Franco-German consulting team.


"Always a step ahead"

We always keep an open mind when it comes to innovations and use the most modern electronic methods in our work. In the audit, for example, we also have recourse to methods of electronic management.


"Keeping an overall view"

We look after your expansion within the EU from the very beginning. By assisting in the configuration of your internal administration, we collaborate with you on the success of your company with a view to the future.


"Taking the hurdles in our stride"

Put your trust in us as a reliable guide through the jungle of EU harmonisation and the uncontrolled proliferation of national fiscal legislation. The assistance we provide is unbureaucratic and direct.


"Together we are strong"

In implementing objectives which we have elaborated jointly, we aim to achieve synergy effects by promoting skills in your staff which assist the work we do together.


"Listening instead of just hearing"

The direct exchange with decision-makers in your company is important to us. It's the basis of effective collaboration, enables us to understand your needs better and makes individual, personal consulting possible.